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PVRA Show Series 2009

I want to thank all my wonderful co-workers who sponsored the 2009 PVRA Specialty Country Pleasure Open class. Your generosity helped pay for all the ribbons for the class throughout the five show series. You guys are super awesome!!

We won "Reserve Champion" for the 18 & Over Adult Amateur Division for the five combined shows.

In the Specialty Breed Country Pleasure English/Western Class you all sponsored, and the Trail 18 and over (obstacle courses), we won "Champion"  for the show series, and tied in points for the Specialty Class as "Champion" with another exhibitor.

We were #2 out of 12 riders for overall points in our division. The "Champion" #1, "Reserve Champion" #2 and "Reserve" #3 rider, receive titles and prizes in this category. We won "Reserve Champion" for Western Equitation and Western Pleasure 18 and over classes, and "Reserve" for English Equitation and English Pleasure 18 and over. 

We made a lot of personal progress in simple challenges I have with Tug like standing quiet in the ring & trailer, his fear of having his ears clipped (we did it 3 out of 5 times without drugs this year), mitigating his old mouth injury, sidepassing, pivoting, backing through parts of the trail courses.  It was a great show season and I felt like we made a lot of improvement and did a lot of classes we had never done before. It's kind of hit and miss, as we predominantly show against some fabulous Quarter Horses with Tug (Arabian/Quarter) We have fun spending the day together hanging out with the horse, and we know that's what counts!

All in all, we had a great time, met some nice folks and enjoyed our time together. Thanks for supporting us and all of the exhibitors in the 2009 PVRA Show Series! 

R & M and Tug-A-Rue Charlie      

Tug-A-Rue Charlie was currently showing in a 2009 California series in the following disciplines:


  • Halter 
  • Showmanship
  • Western  Pleasure & Equitation
  • Trail
  • Englsih Pleasure & Equitation
  • Specialty Breed Country Pleasure English/Western 
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tug show record 2008 on copy

Tug 2002  and 2003

                          PVRA open shows offer quality, affordable venue for horse enthusiasts of all 
                                ages to showcase their talents in a family-friendly environment where
                                     healthy competition and good sportsmanship are encouraged.

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Tugs show record 2002 to 2004b

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